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Limited Memberships Available.

Literal Body Builder Club

Bi-weekly Prenatal

Making babies is hard work - ask a momma.

Join the Literal Bodybuilder Club with either a monthly or biweekly membership and receive a t-shirt and two 35% off postpartum massages by a trained doula within 6 months of birth.

The more you get, the more you receive.

Keep you and your baby safe and healthy by getting regular bodywork helping your body adjust, preparing you for labor and your baby for birth.

Biweekly Membership: 20% Discount. $240 Savings! (12 Sessions)

Monthly Membership: 17% Discount. $102 Savings! (6 Sessions)

One Per Month Club

Monthly Massage

If everyone got a massage a month, we'd have world peace.

Okay, maybe not, but by receiving regular bodywork, you are bolstering your defenses against stress and illness before they are even needed.

If you are an athlete, this club is a no-brainer. Reduce risk of injury and keep your muscles healthy with a monthly massage.

The commitment is regular, consistent self-care. You can do this!

Keep your commitment to making this year the best year for your health and prepay for one 60 minute massage per month for a year.

20% Discount. $240 Savings!


Senior Special

$90 for a 90 minute therapeutic massage. (65+)

Birthday Special

$25 off one 90 minute massage during your birthday month.

New Client Special

$20 off your first massage.

Referral Special


Receive an additional 10 minutes of bodywork at the end of your next session when you refer 1 New Client.


Receive an additional 20 minutes of bodywork at the end of your next session at you refer 2 New Clients.


Receive a 30-minute Gift Certificate to use on yourself or give to someone you love (new clients only) when you refer 3 New Clients.

* Referrals must mention your name at first appointment*


407 404 3714



202 Cascade Ave.,

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