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Mellow Momma

:: Pregnancy Massage

As a literal bodybuilder, it's time to bring yourself and your baby-belly in for a rejuvenating massage designed especially for you and your baby. Massage improves circulation, enhances muscle and joint function, and relieves mental, emotional, and physical fatigue.

The gentle and soothing approach of prenatal massage can ease discomfort and help the body transition and prepare for labor.

Athlete's Melt

:: Sports Recovery Massage

Enhance athletic performance and avoid delayed onset muscle soreness with a deeply relaxing massage session using specific techniques designed to reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, improve soft tissue function, and decrease muscle stiffness and fatigue.

Rejuvenate and relax, promote circulation, recover faster, and perform better. Regular bodywork decreases your need for rest days.

Pain Away

:: Focused Medical Massage

Prepare for surgery, recover from surgery, retrain movement patterns, correct posture, reduce tension, and dive deeply into the neuromuscular system to treat conditions such as frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, sciatica, low back pain, immobility, and injury.

Heal the source of pain using modalities such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and muscle energy techniques (MET's).

Zen Medicine​​

:: Therapeutic Massage

Don't fight falling asleep during this luxurious, spa-inspired treatment starting with a diffusion of essential oils in the room. Tight muscles relax, tender spots soften, and stress dissolves as the day-to-day melts away and deep bliss greets you on the table.

Improve sleep and strengthen your immune system while granting your body, mind, and soul a refreshing staycation.

Your Body Your Choice​

:: Customized Massage

Any massage that you book is this massage too; I empower you to provide open and honest feedback during all of our sessions in regard to our work together. You won't hurt my feelings and communication is a powerful tool, extremely helpful in treating you.

The more feedback you provide, the deeper our work can go. Let in sleep if it knocks, and if something doesn't feel good, tell me.


Immunity Aromatherapy

:: Essential Oils

Specific essential oils dropped onto the spine bolster the immune system and deeply soothe.

Can be added to any massage treatment. 20 min.


:: Zone Therapy

Pressure techniques used on the hands and feet to promote health elsewhere in the body.

Can be added to any massage treatment. 20 min.

Basalt Rocks

:: Hot Stones

Hot stones placed strategically encourage sleep while melting away deep layers of tension and pain.

Can be added into any massage treatment.




Available for 60, 90, and 120 minute massages. Package purchases are available at a discount.



Address four main areas of your life and their specific contribution to your overall health.


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